Rever DB-Main for professionals
Rever DB-Main for education and research
A bit of history

REVER DB-MAIN for professionnals

The tool is primarily designed for the data architect community.

The specific requirements of large, complex, multi-paradigm schema processing have been carefully evaluated, including extensive field-testing. That has enabled us to create many features that alleviate otherwise high-risk, prone-to-failure or tedious tasks.

Some processors include very specific knowledge on how to solve such problems as finding hidden foreign keys, finding data flows across programs or generating DDL scripts that preserve the complex semantics of the conceptual schema.

The Meta Development add-ons are specially designed for method engineers, project leaders and database administrators.

REVER DB-MAIN for education and research

Rever DB-Main allows students and teachers to build large (but size-limited) schemas. It requires very few resources, which helps explain why it is used in many schools and universities.

The teachers can use Rever DB-Main at three levels :

  • Introductory : Its natural and intuitive graphical interface makes Rever DB-Main a basic graphical schema editor and code generator. It’s well suited to teaching even novice students the concepts of database modelling and design. The first steps tutorial (First steps in Help menu of Rever DB-Main) is an hour-long tutorial specially designed with these students in mind.
  • Standard : More advanced features, such as simple transformations and the elementary Global Transformation Assistant, can be integrated into standard Database design courses. The 12-lesson Introduction to Database Design tutorial can be used as part of such a course.
  • Advanced : The Rever DB-Main components can be used to support advanced courses on database evolution, maintenance, migration, integration, reverse engineering and reengineering.

If you are a student or IT school representative and wish to know more about Rever DB-Main, please note that we have an academic program to best fit your needs. The academic program comes with technical support.

Technical features

Rever DB-Main is ready to download (without object and functionality limit).

Rever DB-Main contains all the functionalities of a data-modeling tool and has no restriction on project size. It contains SQL and ODBC extractors, and generators for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Firebird and SQL92.

Professional plug-ins (COBOL, IMS, RPG, IDS/II, PL/I, XML...) and support are also available.

It is implemented in C++ with the widget toolkit wxWidgets.
It runs on Windows (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and Linux.
The latest Windows version is the stable version 11.
The latest Linux version is the stable version 11.

With the JIDBM library, the user can develop JAVA plug-ins accessing to the repository and functions of Rever DB-Main. See the JIDBM reference manual for more information.

Rever DB-Main also has some interesting JAVA plug-ins :

  1. A DocBook generator ("plugins\docbook" directory) to produce under a XML format (specific to technical documentations) the content of the Rever DB-Main repository. Free tools can transform the DocBook files into HTML, Help HTML, PDF, ... files.
  2. A mapping assistant ("plugins\mapping" directory) manages the mappings between objects of different schemas.
  3. A JDBC extractor ("plugins\jdbc" directory) extracts relational database structures through a JDBC driver.
  4. A SQL/92 generator ("plugins\sql" directory) generates a SQL creation database structure script following the SQL/92 standard. The programmer can easily modify the source code to satisfy its own requirements.
  5. A statistic generator ("plugins\statistic" directory) gives statistics about current schema (number of entites, attributes, ...). The programmer can easily modify the source code to satisfy its own requirements.



The basic functionalities of Rever DB-Main are :

  • Specification management
    No restriction on maximum size of projects that can be saved
    Extended project history view
    Extended ER schemas, UML class diagrams, UML activity diagrams, UML use case diagrams
    A range of graphical and textual schema displays
    Definition of views to show sub-schemas
    Full edition of schemas
    Schema printing
    Schema transformation
    Log of schema transformations
  • Assistants
    Schema analysis assistant, schema transformation assistant (advanced), schema integration assistant, text analysis assistant and referential key search assistant
    Automatic transformation to relational model
    Name processing
  • Methodological environment
    Methodological engine (use of methodologies)
  • Development environment
    Use of Java or Voyager (proprietary 4GL) programs
    Meta-properties to extend definition of schema components
    User tools palettes
  • Code generation
    Standard SQL (SQL92) generation, Access generation, Firebird generation, MySQL generation, PostgreSQL generation
  • Code extraction
    SQL and ODBC extraction
  • Other plugins (Java)
    Mapping assistant
    Docbook generation
    JDBC extraction
    SQL/92 generation
    Statistic generation


A bit of history

Rever DB-Main was first conceived as part of a research, development and technology transfer project initiated in 1991 by the LIBD Laboratory (University of Namur). The software has since been largely extended. Since January 2004, Rever DB-Main is developed and marketed by REVER with several of the original developers still working on it.

Rever DB-Main is based on ORGA, the first CASE tool marketed back in 1986. It is the result of years of research, and studies are still ongoing. All PHD theses at the University of Namur’s laboratory are based on Rever DB-Main. In the past they have all helped improve the tool kernel or plugins.