Your organization needs to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, but you don’t know where to start ?

REVER, as data specialist, has teamed up with two technology companies in order to extend its GDPR offering : ActeCil for its expertise in personal data management compliance, and GeolSemantics for its In-depth knowledge of semantics and linguistics.

The REAL GDPR Software (RGS) is born from this alliance, RGS is a complete software suite that allows organizations to implement both in a flexible and functional way the instructions set by the European regulation.

What are the angles covered by RGS ?

To globally respond to GDPR, RGS combines several tools to address the following crucial points :

  1.  Processing register
  2.  Individual register (rights of persons)
  3.  Inventory of data and technical processes
  4.  The anonymization / pseudonymization of the data
  5.  Content audit
  6.  The « privacy by (re) design »

From an organizational point of view, RGS covers the legal, business and IT aspects.

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