Rever proudly announces its membership of the SAP Startup Focus program.

The SAP Startup Focus program is a global program that enables Rever to develop its information governance software on SAP HANA with an all-access pass to leading technology products such as the groundbreaking SAP HANA platform, business and technical support from industry experts and market visibility.

Rever’s clients will benefit greatly from our membership in the SAP Startup Focus program and the groundbreaking SAP HANA cloud platform.


As part of the program Rever will get :

  1. Immediate access to the cutting edge HANA technology platform.
  2. Exclusive access to HANA training and technical experts.
  3. Marketing & sales support reaching SAP's 225,000+ global customer base.
  4. Access to the venture community including SAP Ventures and its HANA Real Time fund.
  5. Access to SAP’s community of entrepreneurs, partners, investors and thought leaders.

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