To truly leverage the potential of data, organisations must find methods to literally push pertinent data on the desk of the business decision makers. The first step towards this dissemination of data is to enable customisation. But what exactly does this have to do with time travel?

Filmed interview of Dominique Orban de Xivry, our CEO. Interview conducted in French by Le Cercle de Wallonie. Translation available below.

Are you part of a data-minded organisation ? If you're not sure what to answer to this question, read our four most important tips to start your journey into data-mindedness.

The world of data is at a cross-road. On one hand of the spectrum, several big industries such as finance or healthcare are broadening their traditional ways of using data. And « data » is the buzz word of 2014 in human resources with companies increasingly looking for data miners, data analysts, data engineers and so on.

In a standard Business Intelligence environment, the archetypal journey of data can be summarised as follows: collected from sources, extracted, transformed, loaded into an Enterprise Data Warehouse. accessed and used for reporting across the organisation. But what about valuation ?