In this article, we will show you how to write a Java plug-in allowing you to import table and column descriptions into a DB-MAIN schema. The descriptions are stored in a CSV file in the following format :

According to Computer Weekly/TechTarget 's* survey IT Priorities 2017, most UK respondents do not plan to increase the IT budget of their enterprises and only 33% think it will increase slightly. Within this framework, budgets will be primarily allocated to cloud services, software and disaster recovery.


This article will explain how to develop a Java program executable from DB-MAIN. This module will access the DB-MAIN repository and generate a dictionary (in CSV format), which contains information about all properties of objects in a schema (see example below).

Digital innovation begins with information systems

While professional computing as practiced by organizations (large enterprises, SMEs, public services...) was able to benefit at first from a number of empirical approaches based on the use of emerging technologies, this period is now over.

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